Warframe – How To Farm Cryptographic ALU


Cryptographic ALU is a special resource in Warframe. It is tied to a very specific item and mission, and is used to craft the Razorback Cipher. You need the Razorback Cipher to get access to the mission to kill that Razorback during a Razorback Armada Invasion. This is also the only time this resource will drop in the game. The resource takes the form of a large piece of circuity according to the below in game description.

Excess circuitry disposed of during the Razorback manufacturing process, these components only appear in the vicinity of high level outer-orbit Corpus facilities after a Razorback Armada has been launched.

The Cryptographic ALU will only drop during Corpus Archwing missions, from slain enemies. These missions can be found on Jupiter and Neptune. For players who are newer to the game, a good farm for this resource is Galiliea on Jupiter. It is a Level 15-20 Sabotage mission, and should drop between two and four ALUs. This is quite a short mission, and you should be able to run it multiple times in fifteen minutes. You require four of them to make on Razorback Cipher.

Warframe - How To Farm Cryptographic ALU
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For stronger players, Salacia on Neptune is a good farming spot, dropping about a dozen ALUs per mission. It’s good to remember that these drop from dead enemies, so don’t rush past groups just to get to the objective. Make sure you kill everything you can to ensure the best possible chance of getting the resource to drop.

Once you have collected at least four of the ALU’s, you will be able to build the Razorback Cipher in your foundry. It has a one minute build time, and you will need to equip it to your Gear radial in the Arsenal to be able to successfully access the mission to kill the Razorback. You need to kill at least three of the Razorbacks to get the rewards for the event, so you will need to build three of the Ciphers.

That’s it for farming Cryptographic ALU, Tenno! I hope you found this guide helpful, if you need help with other aspects of Warframe be sure to check out our Guide Hub. If you need help with the next part of the quest, kill the Razorback, be sure to read our Guide!