Warframe – How To Gild Modular Item

Bits and pieces.


Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe’s Nightwave challenges have reset, and one of them wants you to gild a modular item. There are three different types of modular items in the game, and gilding any of them should finish this challenge. In this guide, we show you where to get them, and how to gild them.

How To Build Modular Item

Modular items are Zaws, Kitguns, and Amps. They are modular weapons that are built from different parts that you build in the Foundry. The individuals’ pieces come at a range of prices, and you pay for them with Standing for the particular Syndicate that makes them.


You can purchase parts for Zaws from Hok, on Cetus. To purchase them you need to use Ostron standing. To build a Zaw you need a blueprint for a Strike, a Grip, and a Link. You then build them in the Foundry using resources found on the Plains of Eidolon. The cheapest Zaw will cost 3000 Standing to build, which honestly isn’t very much.


You can purchase the parts for Kitguns from Rude Zuud, at Fortuna on Venus. In order to purchase these, you need to use Solaris Standing. To build a Kitgun you will need a blueprint for a Chamber, a Grip, and a Loader. These can then be built in the Foundry using resources found on Orb Vallis. The cheapest Kitgun will cost 1750 Standing to build.


Parts for Amps can be purchased from two places, Little Duck on Fortuna, or from the Quills on Cetus. If you don’t already have access to either of these, I would suggest using a Zaw or Kitgun for this part of the challenge. Amps can take some grinding to build, so are not the most suitable modular item for this challenge.

How To Gild Modular Item

Once you have the three parts for your modular item built, you need to return to the NPC that you bought the parts from, and have them build the weapon for you. Just click on the Build option in their menu, then choose the relevant parts you wish to use. Now, simply rank the weapon up to Level 30. When you have done this, you can take the weapon back to them, and they will gild it for a small amount of Standing. You can find the option to gild modular item under the Other Services option in their menus when you are talking to them.

And that’s it! It is a bit of grindy challenge if you didn’t plan on already building one of these weapons. Honestly, I am not sure how necessary it even is. There are still a couple of weeks left in the Nightwave Challenge, and you would have to be pretty far behind to need this challenge to hit the Umbra Forma and Saturn Six Armor rewards.