Warframe – How To Farm Garuda


Garuda is a new Frame that has been introduced to Warframe with the Fortuna expansion. She is a particularly violent and deadly Warframe, powered by blood. As she loses health, her damage output increases. She is also capable of creating a shield that captures incoming damage and returns it to her enemies and can cast a deadly attack with her talons that damages all enemies around her.

How To Farm Garuda

The first step to farming Garuda is to do the Vox Solaris mission set when you first arrive at Fortuna. Completing this mission will net you the primary blueprint for the Warframe. After that, it is time to grind Bounties. Performing Bounties for Eudico will give you the chance to get the various blueprints that make up the Warframe. Below you will find a list of the components, the Bounty stage they can drop from, and the level of that Bounty.

  • Chassis Blueprint – Stage 2 – Level 5-15
  • Chassis Blueprint – Stage 3 – Level 5-15
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – Stage 2 – Level 20-40
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – Stage 3 – Level 20-40
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – Stage 4 – Level 20-40
  • Systems Blueprint – Stage 2 – Level 10-30
  • Systems Blueprint – Stage 3 – Level 10-30

All you need to do is run the relevant Level of Bounty for the piece that you need to farm. Strictly anecdotal evidence here, but the drop rates seem to be far more generous than they have been for other Frames. It didn’t take me long to farm all the Garuda parts. I think this may be because Garuda needs Toroids to build, which are difficult to get, and very rare drops. To build her, you will need two Vega, Calda and Sola Toroids, which you can farm by following our Guide.

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