Warframe – How To Farm Kuva And Use It


Kuva is a special resource in Warframe. It can be collected using Operator abilities from Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions. These missions will appear on planets that are close to the position of the always-moving Kuva Fortress. Small amounts of Kuva are also given as rewards for some Bounties on the Plains of Eidolon, and 6000 Kuva can be earned from Sortie rewards.

How To Farm Kuva

To Farm Kuva, you must have completed The War Within quest. This quest will give you access to your Operator and Void abilities. The War Within will also introduce you to the Kuva Fortress, the enemies that dwell there, and teach you important mechanics you will need to know to successfully farm Kuva.

Kuva Siphons and Floods

These missions will be marked on the map by a Kuva symbol, and will only appear on planets close to the Kuva Fortress. Kuva Siphons are level 25-35 missions, while Kuva Floods are level 80-100. The aim of these missions is to successfully find, and destroy, a Kuva Siphon, then complete the rest of the mission. Siphon missions will reward between 550-700 Kuva, while Floods will reward up to twice those values.

Destroying a Kuva Siphon

To destroy a Kuva Siphon, you must first find it in the mission. This is quite simple, just search the level as you make your way to the objective, the Siphon will normally spawn in on a direct path between player spawns and the objective, or the objective and extraction. Coming within range of it will cause a marker to appear on your screen. Follow the marker to find exactly where the Siphon is.

The machine will be surrounded by Kuva Guardians and other enemies. It is best to kill these as quickly as possible. The large Guardians cannot be killed by normal means. You need to switch to your Operator using Transference, then use Void Blast to stagger them. After they kneel down, use Void Dash to move through them and make them vulnerable. They can now be damaged and killed by Operator powers, weapons and Warframe abilities. Kill them quickly, when they stand back up they will have switched to their deadly Twin Rogga pistols, which can easily kill you.

Kuva Siphon
Kuva SiphonTL;DR Games • Fair Use

You should hear a strange noise, which will indicate that a cloud of Kuva is approaching. Look at the Siphon, one of the four braids that is hanging off it will be pointing in a direction. This indicates where the Kuva Cloud is coming from. Find the Cloud and hit with you Operator abilities, or the Amp, to destroy it. Doing so will cause the Braid to explode. Repeat this four times to fully destroy the Siphon.

If the Siphon manages to absorb eight clouds before you destroy it, it will teleport away and you will have failed to achieve this portion of the mission. You will no longer receive as much Kuva as a reward, and if you fail to destroy any Braids you will receive no Kuva at all.

What Is Kuva For?

Kuva is used primarily to re-roll Riven Mods. Riven Mods are special rewards from Sorties. They will offer a variety of stat changes to a specific weapon, and can be rerolled using Kuva to change those bonuses. It is also used as a crafting material to make certain items in the game.

Hints and Tips

Most people will find these easier to do in groups. Dedicate one person to finding and destroying the Clouds, then have the other people kill the enemies that will constantly be spawning in. This will make it much easier to farm Kuva.

High health and armor Warframes, or stealth Warframes, are best for these missions if you are new to them. Heavy crowd control is also extremely beneficial.

If you have a hard time spotting the Kuva Clouds, you can use the Codex or Synthesis scanner to make it easier.

Occassionally clouds may get caught on the level geometry, so be sure to hunt it down if it is taking a long time to arrive at the Siphon.

Resource Boosters will double the amount of Kuva that you get from a mission. It can be a good idea to buy a three day booster, and dedicate a weekend to getting as much Kuva as possible.

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