Warframe – How To Farm Limbo Prime Relics


Finally, Space Mom has smiled upon us and we have Limbo Prime. Limbo is both the most dapper of all the Warframes and also the biggest troll. His presence in the game can be quite disruptive for other players if you don’t know what you are doing. That said, he can also be an absolute hero if you do know how to play him. First up, you need to know how to farm Limbo Prime Relics.

Limbo Prime Relics

  • Limbo Prime BP – Meso Z1 – Uncommon
  • Limbo Prime Neuroptics – Axi L2 – Rare
  • Limbo Prime Chassis- Neo L1 – Rare
  • Limbo Prime Systems – Lith B3 – Common

Limbo Prime Relics Farming

  • Lith – For Lith relics, I really like the Everest mission on Earth. It is an Excavation mission, so you can invest as much time as you like, then leave when it suits your squad. Working well as a team also means you can have two, or even three, extractors going at the same time. After farming this for about twelve rounds last night my squad ended up with four Lith S7 relics.
  • Meso – Io on Jupiter will always be one of the best options for Meso relics. The first two rounds of this Defense mission have a high chance to drop Meso relics, then you can just extract and restart. Bring good area of effect damage frames to make this a breeze.
  • Neo – Hydron on Sedna is a solid Defence mission for Neo relic farming.
  • Axi – Once again, Hydron is good for Axi relics. They will drop on the B and C (that is to say, third and fourth) rotations of the mission.

That’s it, Tenno, you have all the information you need to get the Limbo Prime Relics. Be sure to check out of Warframe Guide Hub if you need help with other aspects of the game.