Warframe – How To Get Hildryn

Hildryn is the new Warframe that arrived in the game with the Buried Debts update. She is a physically strong looking Warframe who uses her own shields as a source of power. She can fortify her allies just as easily as she can destroy her enemies.

How To Get Hildryn

Hildryn Blueprint

You can purchase Hildryn’s Blueprint from Little Duck at Fortuna. You need to have achieved the rank of Agent with Vox Solaris, and the Blueprint will cost you 5,000 Standing. It should be noted; if you want to reach the rank of Agent with Vox Solaris, you need to rank up the other Solaris Syndicate fully! Keep that in mind.

Hildryn’s component Blueprints of Chassis, Systems, and Neuroptics will all drop from the Exploiter Orb. You can only fight the Exploiter Orb during the second portion of the Buried Debts update, so if you are playing on a console, you won’t be able to do this yet.

The Exploiter Orb is a fun fight, however, and if you need help with it, we have a useful guide already made up for you.

When you kill the Exploiter Orb, she has a roughly 40% chance of dropping the Chassis and the Neuroptics and an approximately 20% chance of dropping the Systems. I got fortunate on this and got all three of them in a row. I can’t say this is the common experience, but once you get through your first Exploiter Orb fight, it should become a quick grind for you and some friends.

Once you have all the blueprints, you can build Hildryn in the Foundry, the same as all the other Warframes. She also doesn’t need anything particularly out of the ordinary to build, but you will need 2 Nitain Extract, 2 Terllerium, and one Argon Crystal, so make sure you have all that before you start to build her.

Finally, you will need a total of 6 Lazulite Toroids, but these drop from the Exploiter Orbs when you kill her, so no need to farm them independently. That’s it, Tenno, you now have all the information you need to farm Hildryn.