Warframe: How to Get The Rauta Shotgun

Add The Rauta Shotgun to your collection for the Kullervo Warframe, and this guide shows you how to get it.

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The Rauta Shotgun is a weapon you can add to your arsenal in Warfame. It’s associated with the Kullervo Collection, providing one of the better combinations in the game. For those who are looking to unlock it, there’s a particular way to go about it.

The Rauta Shotgun does have to do with the Duviri Paradox playlist, which is available to every Warframe player. However, going about to acquire the pieces for this particular weapon can take a good amount of time. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Rauta Shotgun in Warframe and some alternatives to unlock it.

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Where to Find The Rauta Shotgun in Warframe

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Rauta Shotgun blueprint can appear in two locations. The easiest way to track it down is by purchasing it from the Market, and buying it on the Warframe store using Platinum, which equates to spending real-world money. For those who don’t have enough Platinum to buy it, there’s an alternative method to unlocking it, but it does take a good amount of effort to work through in Warframe, and it comes down to finding the resource, Kullervo’s Bane.

Kullervo’s Bane is a special resource that can spawn in the Duviri Paradox Playlist. The only way to acquire it is by taking down Kullervo and the Ororwyrm, the final bosses that appear at the end of a finished playlist. Between the two, Kullervo is much harder to track down who appears at a location known as Kullervo’s Hold.

Kullervo as a boss has the chance to appear for you when the Kullervo’s Hold shows up in The Duviri Experience or the Lone Story during the Sorrow, Fear, or Anger Spirals. Kullervo might appear as a main Spiral stage encounter or as a side objective. After defeating Kullervo, and the Ororwyrm, everyone participating in the event should earn Kullervo’s Bane, a rare resource that can be spent at the Arcithis, who appears after completing a Duviri Paradox loop.

Arcithis will have the Rauta Shotgun blueprint for sale on their vendor in Warframe, but other resources are required as well. The Rauta Barrel, Rauta Receiver, and Rauta Stock are also required, which cost Kullervo’s Bane, and will be sold on Arcithis’ vendor, which means working through more Duviri Paradox playlist games.

Expect to spend a lot of time working through the Duviri Paradox, and make sure to prioritize the Sorrow, Fear, and Anger Spirals to find Kullervo’s Hold.