Warframe: How to Get Kullervo

The Kullervo Warframe has arrived, and there’s a clear-cut way to unlock it, but it will take a good amount of time to complete it.

Image via Digital Extremes

The Kullervo has arrived in Warframe, and any eager Tennos can add it to their collection. There are two ways to go about acquiring it while playing the game, and you can choose how you want to unlock it for your account.

Similar to the previous mech suits in Warframe, the primary way to unlock this will be to acquire a resource associated with it, and earn enough of it. The resource is Kullervo’s Bane and comes from a specific aspect of the game. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Kullervo and unlock it for your account on Warframe.

Where to Unlock Kullervo in Warframe

The main to track down to unlock the Kullervo Warframe is Kullervo’s Bane. It’s a rare resource that only appears after defeating Kullervo and the Ororwyrm, which will appear in The Duviri Paradox playlist. Any player interested in this format must go through the standard missions before unlocking the larger game mode.

From there, for a limited time, the Kullervo’s Hold event will be available from June 21, 2023, to July 5, 2023, and any player can access it to directly fight against Kullervo. The only cost is to pay five Pathos Clamps to unlock it.

However, after this limited-time event, there’s a chance for the Kullervo’s Hold to appear as a main event or as a side mission while completing any of the standard Durviri Paradox playlist activities. The limited-time event is only a way to guarantee Kullervo’s appearance when this Warframe first arrives in the game.

You earn Kullervo’s Bane after both Kullervo and the Ororwyrm have been defeated. For those who defeated them on the standard path, there’s a chance to earn four to six Kullervo’s Bane, but if you go a step higher and battle against them on the Steel Path, there’s a chance to earn six to eight Kullervo’s Bane.

Once you have enough of this resource, complete a standard Durvivi Paradox playlist activity to encounter the Arcithis. They will have the Kullervo’s Archive as an option you can purchase from, and the Kullervo’s Warframe will be available. There will also be other critical items to this Warframe, such as the Kullervo Chassis, Kullervo Neuroptics, and Kullervo Systems, which also require Kullervo’s Bane.

Unlocking the Kullervo Warframe is all about playing through the Durvivi Paradox. You’ll want to strap into playing through this activity multiple times to defeat Kullervo and the Ororwyrm, earning enough of Kullervo’s Bane to buy everything.