Warframe – Komorex Build Guide (4 Forma)


The Komorex is a dual firing Sniper Rifle that was introduced to Warframe with the Jovian Concord update. It has a low critical chance, high status chance, and the second firing mode should really be the focus. Fully zoomed, the weapon will cause a cloud of viral damage to form, damaging surrounding enemies. Now, while these build guides are normally straight forward, I do like to talk about the place a weapon has in the game, and if it is worth the Forma.

I spent 7 Forma trying to get a decent 4 Forma build. No matter what way I built the weapon it just didn’t impress for its class. As a Mastery Rank 8 weapon you have access to much better Sniper Rifles much earlier in the game, and can get the Vectis at Mastery Rank 2. This weapon just fails as a Sniper Rifle. Single target damage isn’t very high, and the slow rate of fire means you cannot stack enough status procs to make it matter much there either. The low ammo count means you need to move a lot, and the low projectile move speed makes headshots a little awkward. As the game stands right now, it is just outclassed at what it seems to be trying to by so many other weapons in the game. It also isn’t that much fun to play with, which is the saving grace of many poor performing weapons in the game.

In my honest opinion, you want to think twice before putting Forma into this right now. Maybe someone out there will come up with a killer build; I just don’t see it happening without a Riven.

Komorex Build (4 Forma)

Komorex Build 4 Forma

The build above should be achievable with 4 Forma. I eventually settled on it after building for Corrosive, but the weapon just doesn’t do enough single target damage to make it matter against heavily armored foes, and you can’t stack status fast enough to really reduce the armor to any great degree. After that I tried a build that really went into Viral, using Primed Cryo Rounds to try and bump the viral damage. Once again, I was left unimpressed with the results.

I eventually decided to try to really lean into the available Crits, using Argon Scope, Bladed Rounds and Hunter Munitions, but once again was left a little cold by the results. Eventually, a Viral/Slash build that focused on a hybrid of critical and status just seemed like the best route to take. You can build up the critical chance with Argon Scope to the point where they are reliable, and the high status chance should take care of ensuring the Viral proc, even at the low rate of fire. After that, you are reliant on the Hunter Munitions to work its magic.

Truthfully, I don’t really like this build either, because I simply don’t like the gun. It is outperformed in every way by other weapons that are simply much stronger than it. The Vectis, Rubico and Lanka all bring much better single target damage to the table, which is what a Sniper Rifle is for. If you want to spread status procs around there are much better ways to do that, too. Honestly, I feel the weapon should have been redesigned into a Shotgun. Pellets would actually benefit from the high status chance, and the low fire rate would matter much less, and it could still proc the cloud of viral damage.

Right now the Komorex just sits in an awkward spot in the game. It’s the Sniper Rifle nobody needed or asked for, and it more than likely isn’t worth the Forma.