Warframe – How To Get Lethal Torrent


Lethal Torrent is a mod in Warframe that provides dual benefits. First, it increases the fire rate of any weapon it is used on. It also increase the multishot percentage of that weapon. Multishot is a mechanic in the game whereby your weapon can effectively fire more than one round at a time. At max level, the Lethal Torrent mod provides a 60% chance that your weapon will fire two rounds for every round fired.

This is a very important stat in Warframe, as you essentially double your damage output for that round. At 100% multishot, you are guaranteed to fire 2 rounds instead of one. At 150%, you will fire 2 rounds, with a 50% chance of firing a third. These additional rounds do not take any of your ammo, so this is an excellent way to maximize your damage, and is the main reason why people will use the Lethal Torrent mod in their builds.

How To Get Lethal Torrent

Lethal Torrent is a Rare mod that can be obtained from Alert Missions and Nightmare Mode missions. Keep an eye on your Navigation bar for Active Alerts, as they will tell you what the Alert is, its location, and the rewards you can get from it. It is also possible to trade the mod, so it can be purchased from, or sold to, other players.

Warframe Lethal Torrent

Warframe Lethal Torrent Mod‚Äč

  • Mod Name – Lethal Torrent
  • Capacity Drain and Polarity – 11 Madurai (at Max Rank)
  • Mod Rank – 5
  • Rarity – Rare
  • Rank 0 – +10% Fire Rate, +10% Multishot, Cost 6
  • Rank 1 – +20% Fire Rate, +20% Multishot, Cost 7
  • Rank 2 – +30% Fire Rate, +30% Multishot, Cost 8
  • Rank 3 – +40% Fire Rate, +40% Multishot, Cost 9
  • Rank 4 – +50% Fire Rate, +50% Multishot, Cost 10
  • Rank 5 – +60% Fire Rate, +60% Multishot, Cost 11

Important Tips For Lethal Torrent

  • Multishot is a hugely important statistic in Warframe, so you want to try and combine Lethal Torrent with other Multishot mods for the best possible results. Mods such as Barrel Diffusion can be stacked to provide a Multishot percentage of 180%. This can then be improved further by potentially using a Riven mod that provides a Multishot buff.
  • Fire Rate is considered to be the less important of the buffs that this mod provides, so you don’t really need to worry about trying to buff it with any other mods.
  • If you are new to the game, and have been searching for this Mods based off an active alert, you may benefit from reading our Complete Mods Guide.