Warframe – Prime Vault Hotfix 25.7.5 Patch Notes


Patch notes time has arrived for Warframe, yet again. Yet another hotfix has arrived to clear up some issues that players were having. This one brings some optimizations, changes to the Shawzin, and some general fixes.

Warframe – Prime Vault Hotfix 25.7.5 Patch Notes


  • Optimized level loading and level streaming (you’ll have to optimize your cache once to use the new system).
  • Increased estimate for free-space needed to optimize download cache to avoid some people with nearly-full drives running into problems.
  • Fixed crash when changing maps in Conclave (among other rarer cases).
  • Fixed softlock when opening Chat.
  • Fixed Chat functionality in Shawzin screen.
  • Fixed a script error when “joining the hunt” from Simaris.

Shawzin Changes:

  • Chat button on Controllers can no longer be rebound in the Shawzin controller bindings. If this key has already been bound due to not having this restriction previously, rebinding what’s there will fix it.
  • Changed the name ‘Vibrato’ to ‘Whammy’ to more accurately reflect its function.


  • Tweaked Liset “sky” loading screen emissive/lighting.
  • Updated reflections in Captura Scenes.
  • Augur Mod Set Bonus will now continue to grant more Overshields up to the maximum amount of Overshield.
  • Toned down the brightness of Gauss’ Thermal Sunder Ability.
  • Operator Ear Accessories will now be visible when the Saturn Six mask is in the closed position.
  • Updated terminology for Damage Types in Portuguese.


  • Fixed Catchmoon Kitguns, Arca Plasmor, and a few other weapons not being able to damage the Ropalolyst Synovia.
  • Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Drop exploding prematurely when aiming with your gun, and looking down a bit. We attempted to fix this in 25.7.4 but it actually broke it more!
  • Fixed ability to equip Arcanes you do not own through Mod Link. As reported here.
  • Fixed the Lua Lens appearing as the same basic Lens icon in the Arsenal/Inventory screen.
  • Fixed Mag Prime appearing super glossy.
  • Fixed Operators running on air as a Client if you use Transference just as you’re falling off a level. As reported here.
  • Fixed a number of different Operator accessories excessively clipping with the Norg Mask and Mother’s Mask when ‘Hood Opened” is selected.
  • Fixed Horrasque’s not appearing in the Codex..they were shy and hiding underground.
  • Fixed Host Revive FX being replicated for Clients.
  • Fixed inability to complete the Mastery Rank 12 test if you fall off the starting platform.
  • Fixed the Etheria Armor set clipping with many Warframes/Skins.
  • Fixed duplicate color names in the Heino Kubrow Gene-Masking Kit.
  • Fixed typo in name of Deaelra Kavat Skin (switched an L to an I).
  • Fixed a text string appearing when dismantling Servofish in Fortuna.
  • Fixed elevator control panels hovering in the air in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed enemies spawning inside walls in the Corpus Outpost Exterminate tileset.
  • Fixed enemies not being teleported when falling into pits in the Orokin Derelict Exterminate tileset.
  • Fixed Teleporters in Featured Dojos sometimes teleporting back to your own Dojo.