Tennocon 2019 Schedule And Twitch Drops

Tennocon 2019 begins tomorrow, July 6, and there will be all kinds of exciting things to see. If you are not there in person, you can still attend in spirit, and on Twitch and Mixer. You can also get some nice Drops by watching the streams. This year at Tennocon, we will be shown the full reveal for Empyrean, commonly referred to as Railjack. We will get to see precisely what the new expansion entails, including the great looking ship to ship fighting. After that, it is hard to say what new things we will see, but I would expect a reveal of Wukong as the next Prime Warframe as well.

Tennocon 2019 Schedule

Tennocon 2019 Schedule

Pictured above you will find the full schedule for Tennocon 2019. All the panels from the Tenno Stage will be live-streamed, which brings us to the next important information. This year you can get a Lotus Ephemera and a Nekros Prime from watching the livestream on either Twitch or Mixer. To be able to get them, you need to link your Twitch account, or your Mixer account, to your Warframe account.

Then, to get the Drops, complete the following:

  • To get the Lotus Ephemera Drop, watch any Tennocon panel for 30 consecutive minutes between 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST, July 6.

  • To get Nekros Prime Drop, watch Tenno Live for 30 consecutive minutes between 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST, July 6.

Once your Twitch, or Mixer, are connected to your main Warframe account, you will get the Drops if you follow the above viewing patterns. If you are new to the game, the Nekros Prime is a must. It is a powerful Warframe, but cannot be gotten in-game at the moment as it is currently in the Vault. A Vault is a rotating group of Warframes that are moved out of the drop tables for periods of time, so getting access to one is a real bonus if you don’t have them already.

Finally, Baro will be having a secret shop set up during Tennocon. You can only access the shop if you have purchased the Digital Pack from the Tennocon website. He will appear in game when Tennocon 2019 officially starts.