Warframe – How To Get Trembera Essence


This weekend sees a new event in Warframe, the Pyrus Project. Steel Meridian are looking to rebuild the Strata Relay and will need Trembera Essence to do it. The Essence is used to build Relay Struct Components, and you will need to make five in total, then contribute them at the Relay Reconstruction Site on Earth.

How To Get Trembera Essence

To get Trembera Essence, you need to carry out missions on Earth, Mercury, Saturn, and Ceres. The Essence can drop from normal enemies in the game as you kill them. You can also collect these while farming Pyrus Essence, to get the quest steps done a little quicker. If you are looking to farm Trembera Essence alone, it is a good idea to pick mission types that involve killing a lot of enemies. Defense missions are one of the best for this. Play with three other people for maximum enemy spawns, and push the rounds as deep as you can go.

You will need fifteen Trembera Essence to make a single Relay Struct Component, and need to make five of them in total. You also need two Morphics and 5000 Salvage for each Component. It is not the worst farm in the world, and the Essence can be gotten pretty quickly by just doing normal farms that you might be doing anyway, such as Cryotic and Relics.

Just kill as many enemies as you can, and be sure to run over the areas where they fall to get the Essence. People who might not run Carrier or Vacuum might want to think about doing so for these missions, to make sure you don’t miss any. As you extract from the mission, you will see how much Trembera you have collected on the final screen.

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Each Component also has a three hour build time, but you have nearly two weeks to finish collecting everything you need for Steel Meridian, so you should have plenty of time to get it all done. If you need any help farming Pyrus Essence for the quest, be sure to check out our guide. Should you need help with any other aspect of Warframe, check out our dedicated Guide Hub.