Warframe – Universal Medallion – Where To Get Them, What They Do

Image via Digital Extremes

The Universal Medallion was recently added to Warframe with Update 25.7.0. The base Syndicates will accept the Medallion in exchange for 1000 Standing. It can also be used with some of the more awkward Syndicates, which is excellent news as it adds a new way to farm Standing for some essential groups within the game.

Standing farming can often be one of the more arduous tasks that players don’t really enjoy very much in Warframe, so a way to double up on experience farming, and medallion farming, is a great idea for most players.

What Syndicates Accept The Universal Medallion?

The follow Syndicates will accept the Universal Medallion:

  • The Quills
  • Vox Solaris
  • Ostron
  • Solaris United
  • Steel Meridian
  • Arbiters of Hexis
  • Cephalon Suda
  • New Loka
  • Red Veil
  • Perrin Sequence

There are plans to extend the list to include Conclave, Simaris, and Vent Kids.

Where To Get The Universal Medallion

Unlike standard Medallions, which are picked up during Syndicate Alert missions, the Universal Medallion can be gotten as a loot drop from the new Disruption nodes.

  • Ganymede on Jupiter
  • Ur on Uranus
  • Kelpie on Sedna
  • Tamu on Kuva Fortress
  • Apollo on Lua
  • Laomedeia on Neptune

The Universal Medallion seems to be a pretty rare drop, but if you are lucky enough to get one you can hand it in to any of the above listed Syndicates the same way you would a normal Medallion. Just meet their representative and hand it in through the menus.