Warframe – How To Get A Vasca Kavat


The Vasca Kavat is a new breed of Kavat that was introduced to Warframe with Update 26, The Old Blood. The Vasca Kavat has an affinity with the night, which plays into how you get this new pet.

Warframe – How To Get A Vasca Kavat

To get the Vasca Kavat, you need to bring another Kavat to the Plains of Eidolon at night time. You will need to search for the Vasca Kavat, and allow your own Kavat to interact with it. Your Kavat may become tainted by a Vasca bite. Should this happen, you then need to Imprint your Kavat.

Breeding the Imprints of two Kavats that have been tainted by a Vasca bite will result in your own Vasca Kavat! At the moment, I do not know what kind of effect the Vasca bite will have on your Kavat, so it is potentially a good idea to not bring your favorite Smeeta with you. You can visit Master Teasonai in Cetus to get a Vasca Curative, which will stop your Kavat from being tainted by a Vasca. Master Teasonai will also sell you cute little Vasca floofs to decorate your Orbiter.

Vasca Precepts:

  • Vampiric Bite: Vasca‚Äôs bite bypasses armor, draining her prey of life, adding to her own.
  • Transfusion: When her master is in bleed out, Vasca sacrifices some of her Health to raise them.

Because Vasca Kavats have just been added to the game, this is all the information we currently have, but this guide will be updated over the next few hours as we learn more about them.