What are Sea Pickles for in Minecraft, and what do they do?

Don’t try to eat it.

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If you have the means to survive, there are plenty of blocks, resources, and other various items on the ocean floor in Minecraft. Many of these items have easy-to-see uses, but some raise questions. Sea Pickles are an odd item to come across in Minecraft, so what is their purpose, and how do you get them?

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How to get Sea Pickles in Minecraft

Sea Pickles are items you can find on the ocean floor in Warm Ocean biomes and on top of Coral blocks in Coral Reefs. Putting Bone Meal on top of a Sea Pickle sitting on a Coral block will create more Sea Pickles on the same block or on a nearby Coral block if it is filled. There is also potential to find them in Desert Villager Houses. Wandering Traders will sell them for two Emeralds as well.

What are Sea Pickles for in Minecraft?

While you may get a clue from its name that a Sea Pickle is a type of food, it is not. It is actually a tiny source of light when underwater. It does not give off light when outside of it. Up to four Sea Pickles can be placed on top of a block at a time, with each one adding to the brightness surrounding that area.

Outside of being a short light source when underwater, Sea Pickles can also be used to create Lime Dye. When smelted in a Furnace with any kind of fuel type, it will be converted to the light green color that you can apply to various items like Beds, armor dyes, and Sheep.