What are Training Orders in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier?

Follow them for some nice rewards.


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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is packed with exciting mechanics to enhance every match you play. For example, daily and weekly challenges help you earn more XP for your character and more stars for the season pass. However, you can pick up new objectives, Training Orders, in the middle of a match. This guide will explain what Training Orders are and what you get by completing them.

Additional objectives for additional rewards

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Training Orders are missions that you can pick up in the middle of a match. They task you with completing specific objectives such as killing two Hedgehog Pie or opening two chests. If you complete them, you’ll gain some additional XP for the match, which should push your character up to the next level. You could also get an extra reward at the end of the match, but this isn’t guaranteed. We’ve completed a few matches with Training Orders, and we’ve only received an additional reward once, which was a Secret Box filled with Chocobo food

How to get Training Orders

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The most common way to get Training Orders is by picking them up from chests you find around each map. You should get a preview of what the Training Orders ask you to do before getting them, so you can avoid them if you don’t want to kill monsters or open chests.

However, we’ve experienced at least one Training Order forced on all players in the match. It tasked every player with killing a specific enemy. This came in the final phase of a match, and we were killed before it could be completed, but we’d expect to see a more significant reward from this task because it seemed much more challenging than standard Training Orders and felt more like a boss fight.