What Battle League Season 9 Special cup should you vote for in Pokémon Go?

Is there a clear choice?

Image via Niantic

Starting on October 20, Pokémon Go players will choose the final Season 9 PvP cup. This cup will be appearing alongside the Master League and Master League Premier Classic competitions from November 8 to November 22. You’ll have four choices to pick from and a limited time to select them. What Special Cup should you choose for the Player’s Choice Cup in Pokémon Go?

The options available to players have already appeared before. These are the four options available to players and the rules associated with the competitions.

  • Little Cup
    • 500 CP limit
  • Kanto Cup
    • 1,500 CP limit
    • Kanto Region Pokémon (Alolan and Galarian forms allowed)
  • Retro Cup
    • 1,500 CP limit
    • No Dark, Fairy, or Steel-type Pokémon
  • Element Cup
    • 1,500 CP limit
    • Fire, Grass, or Water-type Pokémon only

Of the choices, many players had a welcoming reception to the Little Cup when it appeared. It’s a unique competition where players were expected only to use Pokémon that did not exceed the 500 CP limit. However, that did limit everyone’s choices, so there were several immediate favorites. This competition is the oldest and was seen at the end of 2020.

The choice is up to you. All competitions are fun ways to break up the standard Battle League rules and provide players a unique way to experience Pokémon Go PvP. If you want to vote, you’ll need to visit the official tweet sent out by the Pokémon Go account and vote for your choice. You’ll be able to see the current standings once you’ve selected your vote. The winner will be determined on October 27.