What do chickens eat in Minecraft?

Get chickens popping up around your farm like rabbits.

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While you do not need to feed animal mobs in Minecraft to keep them alive as you need to for yourself, you can still give them food regardless. While they do not have their own hunger bar, feeding animals will heal them and put them into breeding mode. As you walk through your Minecraft world, you are undoubtedly going to come across plenty of Chickens. Here is what you can feed Chickens in Minecraft.

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What can you feed Chickens in Minecraft?

Chickens in Minecraft only eat Seeds. If you come to them with any other kind of food, you can not interact with them. It doesn’t matter what Seed you use; Wheat, Pumpkin, Melon, and Beetroot Seeds all can be fed to Chickens. Giving them this food will heal them, and if they are at full health, these Seeds will get them ready to breed. When hearts fly up from them, they will look for another Chicken with which to make a baby Chicken.

Chickens have another means of spawning in baby Chickens but will need your help. Occasionally, Chickens will lay Eggs around the world. You can walk up and grab the Egg then throw it. When it strikes something, the Egg will break and has a chance to spawn a baby Chicken, but is not guaranteed. If you do not have Seeds around you, you can fence in some Chickens and collect the Eggs when you see them on the ground.