What do Foxes eat in Minecraft? Answered

What does the Fox eat?

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Foxes are just one of the many passive mobs that you can encounter in Minecraft. These furry creatures can be found in Taiga biomes and like to carry around items in their mouth. What about if you want to feed them, though? What do Foxes eat in Minecraft so you can tame and heal them?

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What do Foxes like to eat in Minecraft?

Foxes like to eat either sweet berries or glow berries. Giving these items to foxes will heal them and get them to enter love mode as they try to breed with another fox also in love mode. When two foxes in love mode breed, the baby fox will not be tamed, but they will trust you. They will follow their adult parents until they grow into an adult themselves, so if the adult runs from you, they likely will follow. If you feed a baby fox sweet berries or glow berries, they will have green sparkles come from them. Keep feeding them the berries, and they will quickly mature into an adult.

While the berries are the only form of food that you can feed them, foxes also like to attack prey in their free time. Chickens, rabbits, baby turtles, cod, salmon, and tropical fish will all make foxes leap into the air as they try to attack them. They will not eat them, but if they are not holding anything in their mouth, they will pick up an item that drops from defeating them. If a hostile mob attacks someone they trust, they will attack that mob.