What do Marionette Spiders do in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Your prey won’t escape so easily.

Image via Capcom

The Sunbreak expansion added quite a few new challenges to Monster Hunter Rise, from new maps to new monsters to an entirely new difficulty level. Luckily, it also introduced tons of new tools for hunters to take advantage of in the process. There are new armor and weapon sets, as well as new Switch Skills for every weapon that you can change on the fly with the Switch Skill Swap ability. While you’re out on hunts, though, you can also take advantage of plenty of additional endemic life, like the new Hunting Helper: the Marionette Spider.

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How to use Marionette Spiders

Screenshot by Gamepur

Marionette Spiders are closely related to Puppet Spiders. As such, they also use their web to restrain monsters. Instead of giving you an opening to mount monsters, however, Marionette Spiders can be used to quickly pull monsters toward you. This is especially useful for stopping monsters from fleeing and relocating, especially if they’re low on health and you’re able to finish them off quickly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To do this, select the Marionette Spider on the action bar, then press Y (on Nintendo Switch) to throw the spider at a monster. You can also aim this more accurately by holding ZR (right trigger) before throwing. Once you hit a monster with the spider, a thread will attach to them. Pressing Y again will pull the monster toward you, staggering it in the process. This is highly effective, and most of the time it will bring you face to face with your target, well within melee range.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Be careful not to waste these rare helpers, though. If you move too far away from the target, the thread will disappear and you will lose the Marionette Spider. The thread will also be removed if you wait too long before pulling your target.