Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update roadmap – New monsters, locations, and more

Rise to the challenge this new content will bring.

image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise had a few post-release updates and additional monsters added to the base game at no extra cost. Developer Capcom has made a list of plans to support the new Sunbreak expansion with an extensive roadmap of free content. This guide will break down when and what will be included in each planned content drop moving forward.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update Roadmap

image via Capcom

The update roadmap for Sunbreak is extensive. Capcom plans to release at least three major updates, with more to come in 2023. This roadmap is longer than the one given to Monster Hunter Rise when it initially launched, with content including new monsters and new variants of old favorites.

August 2022 – Free Title Update 1

  • Seething Bazelgeuse and Lucent Nargacuga from previous Monster Hunter games.
  • Rare species of monsters.
  • Special species of monsters.
  • A new Foriorn Arena location.

Fall 2022 – Free Title Update 2

  • Rare species of monsters,
  • New subspecies of monsters.
  • Powered-up monsters, similar to Apex variants from the Rise campaign.

Winter 2022 – Free Title Update 3

  • Several monsters will be added.
  • Special species of monsters.
  • Powered-up monsters, similar to Apex variants from the Rise campaign.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will continue to see updates in 2023, but no concrete plans have been given about the nature of that content, nor a time frame. All future updates will launch on the same date for both Nintendo Switch and PC. This is a significant change from Monster Hunter World, which featured staggered updates between the console and PC versions.

New Monster Hunter content is usually aimed at players who have finished the core campaign. Additional monsters can pack a punch, so learning to use Sunbreak’s new combat mechanics and farm new resources to prepare for them will prove invaluable.