What do Sea Turtles eat in Minecraft?

Get them to follow you home in a not creepy way.

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Sea Turtles are cute, peaceful mobs in Minecraft that don’t do much to make their presence known. For the most part, they tend to just move around the sandy beaches and open waters aimlessly as they go on with their life. If you want to interact with Sea Turtles, you will need to get their attention with food, like many other mobs in the game. However, they are not going to come to you if you are offering them Wheat. Here is what Sea Turtles eat in Minecraft.

Sea Turtles only eat Seagrass in Minecraft, and nothing else. When you hold Seagrass in your hand and are close enough to a turtle, they will make their way over to you and wait for you to interact with them to feed them. You can use this to lure a Sea Turtle to your home base if you want to keep one as a pet, although you cannot put a Lead on a Sea Turtle. Be sure to put a Name Tag on them so they do not despawn when you are away.

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Like other mobs, giving them food will heal them and put them into Romance Mode, shown by the hearts around them. Give another nearby Sea Turtle some Seagrass and the two will mate. When done breeding, one of the turtles will return to their home beach and lay Sea Turtle Eggs.

To gather Seagrass, you need Shears. You can make them from two Iron Ingots. With those in hand, go underwater in a sea biome. You can also find Seagrass in some rivers and swamps. Go to the ocean floor, and you will see the Seagrass flowing in the current. Make sure you are not grabbing Kelp because Sea Turtles have no interest in that.

Screenshot by Gamepur