What Does The Gold Brilliant Aura Mean in Pokémon Sword and Shield?


One of the things you may have noticed as you explore Pokémon Sword and Shield is that some Pokémon will have a gold aura around them. They are rare but are also easy enough to spot thanks to the brilliant aura. The good news is that these are powerful Pokémon, and you should always try to catch them if you find one.

What Does The Gold Brilliant Aura Mean in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

If you manage to catch one of these Pokémon with a gold aura, then you are in luck. These are powerful Pokémon and will have better stats than standard versions. A Pokémon with a brilliant gold aura is guaranteed to have at least three of their IVs maxed out, giving you a great start when it comes to Battles.

These Pokémon will also already know an Egg Move, and such moves can usually only be acquired through breeding. This really makes the gold brilliant aura Pokémon worth catching, even if you already have that type, or are not a massive fan of it usually.

There is also a massive RNG element, as dedicated trainers will be searching for these rare Pokémon. You could potentially catch one that has fully maxed IVs, and a perfect Egg Move as well.

While these Pokémon are very rare, your chances of finding them will increase as you catch more Pokémon, so it’s time to get grinding. You can even combine your attempts to take advantage of Shiny Chaining to kill two birds with one stone.