What is Cred in Madden 22?

Want some Cred?

Screenshot from Gamepur

If you play Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) or The Yard, you might see a blue circle with a C in it from time. This is Cred, a fairly new currency in the Madden franchise. But what is Cred in Madden 22, and what can you do with that? Let’s go over Cred, plus some ways you can earn it.

Cred are credits that can be used to purchase in-game clothing options for your custom avatar in Madden 22. Since your avatar can be used in The Yard, Cred is the currency for buying jerseys, gloves, arm sleeves, and more for your Madden character.

To buy clothing for your character, go to your Madden profile, which can be accessed at the home screen. Select Edit Avatar, and from there, you can buy clothing items by cycling through the home and away uniforms, and then going through the different options (Head Gear, Torso, Arms, Lower Body, Feet).

Even though you may see Cred pop up in your MUT profile, you can’t purchase cards or packs with it. Only Points and MUT Coins can buy cards and/or packs in Madden Ultimate Team. You can, however, acquire Cred through playing MUT and other game modes.

Cred can be acquired by completing Daily Objectives for your Madden account, plus Milestone-themed objectives. These objectives can range from completing a certain amount of passes in the game’s various game modes, to accruing sacks, and even scoring touchdowns.