What is Fieldsense in Madden 23?

Changing the game in a big way.

Image via EA Sports YouTube

On June 2, EA Sports and the Madden 23 team gave us our first look at the latest installment of the Madden franchise. This first glimpse also included a brief explainer on Fieldsense. Fieldsense is brand new to the Madden franchise and might be a major game-changer for the simulation gaming franchise. Now that the first trailer has been released, and the release date for Madden 23 is set, we have a much better idea as to what this new feature is, and what it means going forward.

How will Fieldsense work in Madden 23

Image via Electronic Arts

Per EA, Fieldsense is the new gameplay system that will be present in only the current-generation (PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X) versions of Madden 23. This new system has been advertised by the development team as a “physics-informed animation and animation-branching technology.” With Fieldsense, this new system should allow for more realism and more physics-based outcomes.

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Fieldsense in Madden 23 comes with four key components: Hit Everything, 360° Cuts, Skill Based Passing, and WR vs. DB Battles.

Hit Everything includes over 3,500 new animations, designed to make tackling and collisions between players more authentic. This includes the addition of add-on blocks, a physics-informed animation selection system in multiplayer tackle situations, stand-up tackles, and mid-air knockouts.

With 360° Cuts, users won’t have to use the left analog stick to just choose between a hard cut or a rounded turn. Players can now slam on LT/L2, to control to cut when and where they want to as a ball carrier.

Skill Based Passing comes with new mechanics, including the ability for a quarterback to lead a receiver into open space and throw the ball where you want, and where only the receiver can get it. This new system includes power and accuracy meters.

WR vs. DB Battles mechanics will be incorporated into all game modes, including an all-new evade mechanic. However, this is more or less specifically designed for Face of the Franchise. This mechanic includes WR release moves that can be triggered via LT/L2 and the right analog stick. Additionally, cornerbacks presses are returning for Madden 23, but the mechanics are more dynamic, per EA Sports.

Madden 23 launches on August 19 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.