What is Fletchling and how can you catch it in Pokémon Go?

A new Pokémon has arrived.

Image via Niantic

The arrival of the first wave of the Kalos region Pokémon in Pokémon Go gives players a small sample of what creatures have been lurking from that area. One of the notable Pokémon is Fletchling, a Normal and Flying-type Pokémon. It’s a small bird Pokémon that has a red head and a light blue body. Trainers are bound to see it fairly frequently.

Fletchling doesn’t have the most amazing stats. It has a maximum CP of 800, an attack of 95, a defense of 80, and a stamina of 128. You can compare it to Pidgey, but it does outrank it. What does make this Pokémon special is its evolved forms. Fletchling first evolves into Fletchinder, which is a Fire and Flying-type Pokémon. The typing change makes Fletchling a unique capture, and that’s the same for its final evolved form, Talonflame.

Talonflame will be an interesting Pokémon to watch in Pokémon Go. It has a maximum CP of 2,205, an attack of 176, a defense of 155, and a stamina of 186. We’ve listed out its best moveset, which provides players the best attack and moves to use when battling with Talonflame.

If you’re looking to capture Fletchling in Pokémon Go, look around for urban cities. It has the same typing as Pidgey, so you should find it almost everywhere. Fletchling’s evolved forms won’t be as easy to locate, so you’ll have to rely on earning enough Fletchling candy to evolve it.