Planet Zoo – What is Hard Shelter?


In Planet Zoo, your animals all have various needs that you must fulfill to keep their welfare as high as possible. One thing that just about every animal in the zoo will need is Hard Shelter.

Hard Shelter is a place in their habitat that they can go to that makes them feel safe and secure. While your animals enjoy their habitat, they also like to have somewhere that allows them to feel protected, and can shelter them from the elements.

How To Build Hard Shelter

Hard Shelter

You can purchase pre-built Hard Shelters from the Habitat menu. Just click on your Habitat tab at the bottom of the screen, then click on the Shelter icon with the sleepy Zs floating above it. This will then show you all your available Hard Shelter options.

You can, if you wish, build a Hard Shelter from scratch. This is done by placing down items, such as stone, to build your own. The important thing to remember is that a Hard Shelter should be closed on three sides, have an entrance, and have a roof. Without these elements, it will not offer the proper coverage, and it will not be considered a Hard Shelter.

Animal Information Tab

Another thing to keep in mind is how many animals are in the Habitat. It may be necessary to build more than one Hard Shelter, or a very large one, depending on how many animals are in a Habitat, and the size of those animals. To check and see if the animals in the Habitat have enough shelter, just click on one of them. In the animal information tab, click on the Terrain tab, and the first bar will show you how much of the available Hard Shelter space is taken up. If it is at 100 percent, you will need to build another shelter.