What is Immortality? A Spoiler-Free Guide

Immortality is an exceptional game from developer Half Mermaid, but it’s hard to understand what it is without spoilers.

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Few games make as big an impact as Immortality did when it was first released in 2022. The nature of the way some fans play the game can mean they don’t understand it at all, and the real point of the story is so easy to miss without being told or directed.

Immortality fits the genre of games Half Mermaid makes incredibly well. It’s not a horror game in the traditional sense, but it’s also not a point-and-click adventure game, yet it borrows elements from both genres. To understand the game, most players will need to be given at least one spoiler, but that’s never fun. In the case of Immortality, any spoiler could completely ruin the game, so they must be avoided at all costs.

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A Spoiler-Free Explanation of Immortality

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In Immortality, players must sift through the footage of three movies. Each one starred an actress called Marissa Marcel, who disappeared after the final movie’s filming concluded. They do this by watching each clip and pausing to select objects in the footage that will link them to new clips with the same or a similar object.

There’s no first or third-person camera, no way to shoot a gun, and no way to interact with the movie footage other than pausing it, playing it, rewinding it, or fast-forwarding it. Players simply do this and select objects in each scene.

As fans play each clip, they may hear a specific audio cue or feel a vibration in their controller. At that point, they should pause the clip and search through it to see what the game is trying to show them in that specific section of the clip.

Half Mermaid effectively shot three full-length movies for Immortality. Each one has a gripping story that forms part of the game’s overarching narrative, but it takes time and patience to learn how they intertwine. The feeling of working out connections is unrivaled each time it happens through organic gameplay.

It’s impossible to speak about the ending to Immortality without spoiling the game, so we won’t. However, we want to point out how much we enjoyed our time with Immortality on our first playthrough and can’t wait to try it again when the PS5 version is released on January 23, 2024.

Anyone who believes we’re being too vague about Immortality should check the comments on the reveal trailer for its PS5 version on Reddit to see fans saying exactly the same thing. This is a game to be played with as little information as possible because the surprises are what make it.

How to Finish Immortality

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Once players have unlocked the final clip in the game, the true ending is revealed. Players won’t realize they’ve unlocked the final clip until they exit the one in the main clip menu. Something in this menu will change to indicate that the game has been completed, but we won’t spoil what. It should be obvious.

How Long is Immortality?

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It took us roughly ten hours to beat Immortality on our fits playthrough. During this run, we took our time and went back to unlock clips unnecessarily when we knew where to look for the main overarching plot. We did this because we were unlocking Achievements, but players who wanted to finish the game faster could do so in about seven hours if they knew what they were doing.