What is Mythic+ Rating and how does it work in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

Increase your Mythic+Rating by working though Mythic dungeons.

Image via Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players will want to become familiar with the Mythic+ rating system if they plan to undertake the more difficult dungeons in the Shadowlands expansions. The rating system will allow other players to view your overall skill level and make players pair up and work together on the tougher challenges. Normally, this type of ranking operated on an outside mod called Raider.IO, but the Mythic+ system is Blizzard’s in-game system.

What is Mythic+ Rating?

The Mythic+ Rating is a point system all players will earn when they complete Mythic-level dungeons. Your Mythic+ Rating is a good way for other players to see how well you’ve gone through a dungeon and serves as an additional challenge for you to compete against yourself, potentially bettering your time through a Mythic dungeon and performing better as a group. The higher your Mythic+ Rating, the better performance you’ve had in Mythic dungeon, earning your more rewards and makes you a more appealing party member for other players who are attempting to complete the same dungeon.

Image via Blizzard

How to increase your Mythic+ Rating

You’ll earn a higher score and a better Mythic+ Rating by completing these higher tier dungeons and adding more challenges to them. For example, if you complete a standard Mythic dungeon, your character will earn 37.5 points. However, if you do that same Mythic-level dungeon and add a keystone level to it, you’ll earn 7.5 more points, and if you attempt the dungeon on the same week as the Tormented or Fortified effects are in place, you’ll earn another 15. You’ll also receive points based on how quickly or slowly you finished the dungeon.

These numbers do not stack after you’ve completed a Mythic dungeon. After completing a Mythic dungeon, you’ll receive your score and receive a higher Mythic+ Rating. You need to complete that Mythic dungeon again by doing harder keystone challenges or by completing it faster.

If anyone in a Mythic group improves their Mythic+ Rating when going through a dungeon, all party members earn additional Valor Points for their efforts.

The Mythic+ Rating is a way for players to grind through Mythic dungeons to earn even more rewards and acts as a way for you to compete against yourself. The higher your Mythic+ Rating at the end of a season, the more rewards you’re going to receive.