What is PAR in MLB The Show 21?

Some added precision is on the way.

Image via San Diego Studios

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On March 11, Sony San Diego conducted its first MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere show of 2021. The Feature Premiere is designed to show off and explain some of the new features that the MLB The Show community can expect from this year’s game. During the 30-minute show, the development team went over a brand new feature that will affect the pitching side of the game. This new feature is simply called PAR.

PAR is an acronym for Perfect Accuracy Region. The addition of PAR was designed to deal with feedback received by the development team. What was the feedback exactly? In some cases, users felt that the ball would have an inconsistent location once hitting the plate, even though a perfect input was made when releasing the baseball.

PAR has been designed to resolve this issue. PAR is simply an area that represents the area where the ball can ultimately end up when executing a perfect release. This method will be available for Analog, Metered, and Pinpoint Pitching.

In MLB The Show 21, PAR will be denoted with a black circle at or around the plate. This circle represents all the areas where the baseball can ultimately wind up.

Image via San Diego Studios

PAR will be influenced by a variety of factors, Some of these factors include:

  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Primary and secondary pitches – A pitch that is more used and effective will have a smaller circle than a secondary offering that doesn’t have the same efficacy.
  • Method – Pure Analog will have the highest variance, whereas Pinpoint will have the lowest
  • Difficulty – Lower difficulties will have relatively non-existent circles. Higher difficulties will have greater variances.

If you’re an experienced MLB The Show player, you’re going to want to get used to PAR.