What is the best summer crop in Stardew Valley?

The sun is high up in the sky, and it’s time to plant your crops.

Stardew Valley is all about managing your farm and making sure you have everything prepared to handle the next challenge or unlock the next portion of the game. If you’re looking to maximize your profits every season, unless you have the greenhouse available, you need to use different crops for summer, winter, fall, and spring. When you’re in the summer, you have plenty of options for crops to add, but what is the best option?


The starfruit plant is an excellent single harvest crop you can add to your farm. While the seeds cost 400 gold to purchase in the Oasis, they sell for 750 gold, so that’s a fairly hefty plant. The downside is that you’ll need quite a bit of upfront cost to buy enough of it, but if you purchase multiples of them and add them right at the start of summer, you can make quite a bit of money off of it. Starfruit take 13 days to grow, so at most, you can only two full harvests for all of summer.


If you’re looking for a large amount of gold for a single crop, blueberries are a great crop to go with. A blueberry seed costs 80 gold, and the item sells for 50 gold, but the crop produces three, so you’re really getting 150 gold minimal, which is near twice the amount. They take 13 days to grow but regrow every four days. What’s extremely important to know is that you can turn blueberries into blueberry wine if you have a keg.


Speaking of kegs, another solid crop to make some serious experience points and money with is hops. These take 11 days to grow and cost 150 gold to purchase, but they regrow once a day. If you plant them down at the start of summer, you can produce 17 crops, and each one gives you 25 gold. But you want to avoid selling these crops and instead save them for a keg to make pale ales, which sell for 300 gold, so you’ll make far more profits that way. It’s a waiting game.


To make sure you’re not sitting around most of the summer waiting for a crop to grow, radishes are another good crop. You can purchase them for 40 gold, and they take six days to grow to their full height. You’ll be able to have at least four of them a month, and they sell for 90 gold each. It’s not a huge crop, but the fact you can make them multiple times, it’s a solid choice for any farmer growing crops in the summer.


The final reliable harvest we’re going to recommend for you to grow in the summer is wheat. You can grow it both in the summer and fall, but it’s a reliable option in the summer. You’ll be able to purchase it for 10 gold each, so it’s super cheap, and it sells for 25 gold for each bundle you sell. It’s a reliable option, and if you want to grow something fast and often, wheat is a great focus for your Stardew Valley farm.