What is the Chocobo Farm in Final Fantasy VII: the First Soldier?

Chocobo breeding is back.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a battle royale game, but you can’t spend all of your time fighting for supremacy. When you’ve got a spare moment or want to chill out in the game, you can visit your Chocobo Farm. You won’t make the most of this space in the game until you realize what it allows you to do. This guide will explain what it is and why you should make the most of it. 

Chocobo farming

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your Chocobo Farm is where you’ll store all of your Chocobo. These are mounts that you can call in a battle to help you move around the map faster. When you first launched the game, you should have been given a Chocobo Egg as a reward for logging in. When you visit the Chocobo Farm, that egg with hatch. For us, it was a red Chocobo.

You can build up the stats of your Chocobo by feeding them in here, but you’ll need to find food in chests during matches or buy it from Mog’s Shop. You can also find more eggs in special chests while playing matches. You need to keep these in your inventory and allow them to incubate until they’re ready to hatch. Then, you can hatch them in your Chocobo Farm.

The Chocobo Farm is also where you can breed new Chocobo. Anyone who has played Final Fantasy VII will fondly remember the side quest that allowed you to breed the golden Chocobo if you worked on it hard enough. While no one has found the golden Chocobo at the time of writing, it may be in the game somewhere.