What is the end credits song in HBO’s The Last of Us episode nine? Answered

The end signals a new beginning.

Image via HBO

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for HBO’s The Last of Us episode nine.

Season one of HBO’s The Last of Us TV series has sadly reached its end, but its consistent brilliance all throughout leaves fans hopeful for the highly anticipated second chapter. One particular element of the show that should leave a lasting impression with its loyal fan base are the moving outro tracks that decorated the end credits. In the finale’s case, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin may have just saved their best choice for last, so if you want to know what song was played during the final moments, then you’ll be able to find out below.

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What song was playing during the end credits of HBO’s The Last of Us episode nine?

The track that was playing during the end credits of episode nine is entitled The Path by the brilliant Gustavo Santaollala himself. Originally included in the game’s soundtrack, the song initially begins with a melancholic electric guitar chord progression that captures the dramatic and moving theme of the main story.

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After its opening portion concludes, an acoustic guitar section then comes in to back it up, adding a slightly more upbeat element to the tune. Eventually, the song’s mood and tone begins to become slightly brighter and more hopeful, signaling that no matter how bleak things may seem at first, there will always be a chance for a new beginning.

Even though many of the outro songs throughout the entire season were mostly from other artists, there was really no better way to end it than with a creation from the man who masterminded the game’s soundtrack itself. Selecting The Path as the concluding song was also an excellent choice since it complements the final moments perfectly and doesn’t take away from it at all.