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HBO’s The Last of Us season 2 renewal official, debate over the game sequel sure to return

"Why don't you say whatever speech you got rehearsed and let's get this over with."

After two very well-received episodes, HBO’s The Last of Us series is already set to get a second season. While we don’t know specifics of how the rest of this initial season will play out yet — although anyone who played the game should have a pretty good idea — the reception and big viewer numbers have supposedly already pushed Sony and HBO to green-light the next step in the journey. Get ready for a lot of controversial opinions over the story in The Last of Us Part II to pop up on the internet again.

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The Last of Us Part II was many people’s choice for Game of the Year in 2020. That being said, it turned out to be a very divisive game, with people not happy about the events and criticizing some writing choices. While the first game is widely praised, the next story could ruffle some feathers.

While all HBO has said is that the show will return for a second season, there is potential for new stories to be involved here. The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game. While there are undoubtedly plenty of people who are excited to see Abby go golfing, there is a lot of room for game creator and show executive producer Neil Druckmann and writers to fill in the five-year gap between games with some new stories.

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Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are sure to return in the second season as Joel and Ellie, respectively, and there could be a chance to go deeper into their complicated relationship after the events of this first season. We could see Joel track Ellie down as she journeys to find the truth about what happened at the Firefly compound, and from there get our first introduction to Abby and her crew or potentially a new antagonist.

While the series has stuck pretty close to the events of The Last of Us game so far, we think this would be a good opportunity to see some creative freedoms taken. There is no need to rush into an all-out battle in Seattle yet. With the first season likely to feel relatively short compared to someone playing through the game, establishing Abby as a character and giving Joel and Ellie more time on screen together could be on the way.

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