What is the Fossil Cup meta in Pokémon Go?

What can you expect when competing in the Fossil Cup?

Image via Niantic

For Pokémon Go players who do not want to compete in the standard league competition, you can choose to participate in the Fossil Cup. It’s a unique completion appearing alongside the standard Pokémon Go battles, giving you the chance to use multiple unique Pokémon options. This guide will cover the type of meta you can expect to find in Pokémon Go’s Fossil Cup.

The Fossil Cup meta

You can only use specific types of Pokémon in the Fossil Cup, similar to the other Pokémon Cups featured in the game. In the Fossil Cup, all players can only use Water, Rock, or Steel-type Pokémon, and anything with this typing will be available. You also need to make sure any Pokémon you use is at 1,500 CP or lower. A Pokémon cannot exceed 1,500 CP, or it will not be available for you to use.

Given these limitations, we highly recommend trying to find a Grass-type Pokémon that fits these restrictions or has Grass-type moves. For example, some of the better options for you to include Ludicolo and Ferrothorn, both Grass-type Pokémon, with Ludicolo being a Water-type and Ferrothorn a Steel-type. Both Pokémon have access to Grass-type moves, which will be supereffective against Water and Rock-types, making them exceptionally worthwhile roster picks. However, this won’t work against Steel-types, and any Steel-type Pokémon will be a formidable opponent to defeat in this competition.

The Steel-type Pokémon will be resistant to Grass and Rock-type attacks. Although they are not resistant to Water-type attacks, nothing is supereffective to them. They are only weak to Fighting, Fire, and Ground-type moves, making choices like Lucario, Escavalier, Poliwrath, and Mawile, worthy additions to your team. These Pokémon can use Fighting-type moves, except Mawile, which has access to Fire-type, being some of the limited Pokémon capable of defeating a Steel-type.

For the Fossil Cup meta, remember that having a Pokémon that use Grass-type moves will do well against nearly all of your opponents, but make sure you have a Fighting-type attack in your back pocket. The Steel-type Pokémon will be the more bulky and hard-to-beat choices in this competition. You may want to consider using one as your final Pokémon, to outlast an opponent.