What is the Fracture in Halo Infinite?

Jump into The Fracture playlist while you can in Halo Infinite.


Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite will have multiple armors sets rotating in and out of the available seasons. Many of the battle passes featured in Halo Infinite will have a legendary armor set that players can earn. Still, this armor set will be canon-related, or they’re going to have a unique customization layer for players. For those who want to earn the more exciting and creative skins, you’ll have to part in The Fracture, a unique game mode headed to Halo Infinite’s online multiplayer.

The Fracture will be a monthly game mode that rotates out different armor sets. These armor sets will not be inspired from the canon stories, like the battle pass rewards will be. Instead, they’re going to be a bit more extraordinary, giving the Halo Infinite developers a bit more freedom.

For example, players eager to earn the Yoroi Samurai armor initially teased during Halo Infinite’s development will need to complete The Fracture special playlist, and earn the many rewards on that track. The Fracture will only last for one week of the month, meaning anyone who wants to earn the legendary armor sets will have a brief amount of time to earn them. However, if you do not complete The Fracture rewards before the event is over, you’ll be able to finish it when the event rolls around the next month. All progress is saved between The Fracture events.

The Fracture playlist switches up every time it appears, and you’ll have the chance to continue your progress between events.