What is the locker room code in The Tunnels in The Last of Us Part II?

Get yourself into the employee locker room in The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us Part II

Like the first game, The Last of Us Part II places a big importance on resources in the game. Ammo and crafting materials can be challenging to find when you need them most, so you must get into all of the locked away locations to get your hands on everything you can. Here is how you can get into the locker room, a sealed-off room that requires you to input the correct code.

The locker room code in The Tunnels?

Shortly after your first encounter with the new infected type called shamblers, you will be in a long hallway after a door crashes down on a cart. The first door you come to on the right that can be opened will have a cage in it. The door on this is locked, but you can easily jump over the desks on the right to find an opening to grab the stuff in here. Once done in here, open the next door, and you will be in what appears to be a break room.

Upon entering, there is a door on the right that needs a five-digit code entered. If you go around the corner, you will find a torn piece of newspaper that has a note written.

V is giving you a pretty hard clue here that you need a soda to move forward. Directly to your left after picking up the note is a pop machine with one singular can in it that appears to have something on it. Break open the window with a melee attack and you can now pick up the can and read the note on it.

The fact that Dewey never got the one can out really has us scratching our heads about how many cans he went through before giving up on the very last one. Regardless, you now know the first three digits of the code 1-5-2. This is actually the only clue you need to open the door. Head on over to it and put in the first three numbers.

You will notice after you press each number, the corresponding button will stay locked in place. This leaves only two possible combinations to open the door. The correct answer is 1-5-2-4-3. Now that you have gotten into the employee locker room be sure to loot everything you have picked up and be on your way.