What is the maximum level cap in No Man’s Sky for players, ships, and more?

How to carry more cool stuff in space.

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With the recent Waypoint 4.0 update, there has been a system-wide change to levels and how you gain experience in No Man’s Sky. Since all these changes have happened to the living system, the level caps have also gone up. You may be wondering, where does everything max out now? The newly revised inventory system is actually a lot less complicated than you think.

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What is a Level Cap in No Man’s Sky?

In most games, when you hear “level” you think it has to do with experience gained and something attaining to it. In No Man’s Sky, things are a little different. Instead, things like your Ships (both Freighters and personal Ships), Exosuit, Multitool, and others are graded by rank. As you upgrade them, you will gain access to more inventory space. For Example, Cargo space for ships is varied based on your ship class. Usually, the ship types with the highest Cargo inventories are Exotic ships, Haulers, or Freighters.

How to upgrade your Ship or Freighter inventory in No Man’s Sky

With the changes across the board to inventory and how upgrades work, Technology and Cargo inventories have been merged with each other. Cargo slots can be added to starships and freighters by purchasing upgrades through a few different methods, but the maximum amount of slots allowed is also determined by the ship’s Class and type. Technology slots are expanded by upgrading the ship’s class, ranging from C to S. These upgrades can be done at a Space Station or The Anomaly at the Starship kiosk.

Freighters are upgraded at the Upgrade Control terminal on the bridge. Inventories of a Freighter are separated into General, Technology, and Cargo. However, a Freighter’s class cannot be upgraded. Instead, you will have to trade up or earn a better class Freighter if you want it. At a fully upgraded Class S Freighter, you can have up to 48 General slots, 21 Technology slots, and 48 Cargo slots. Inventories are upgraded by purchasing Cargo Bulkheads or finding them as a reward for rescuing a Freighter in distress or from the wreckage of an abandoned Freighter in space or on a planet’s surface.

How to upgrade your Exosuit inventory in No Man’s Sky

Your Exosuit’s inventory can be upgraded by either purchasing upgrades from The Anomaly, on space stations, or found in crashed Drop Pods on a planet’s surface. As of the Waypoint 4.0 update, the maximum number of slots on your Exosuit is 120 Cargo Slots and 60 Technology slots. Exosuit upgrades found via crashed drop pods usually require materials to be repaired, but they are found with no other costs attached.

How to upgrade your Multi-Tool inventory in No Man’s Sky

Upgrading your Multi-Tool is, like your ship, dependent on its Class. The number of Technology slots available is determined by the type and class, with the highest capacity Technology inventories being seen on Rifle types at S Class. Upgrades for your Multi-Tool can be found at the Upgrade Station at the Multi-Tool vendor on any occupied Space Station. Class upgrades can be purchased with Nanites and Inventory upgrades can be purchased with Units. Multi-Tools have a maximum number of Technology slots at 30 and a maximum Cargo inventory of 60 slots.