How to get the Horizon Vector NX starship in No Man’s Sky

Get the exclusive starship when you start your new journey.

Image via Hello Games

To mark the arrival of No Man’s Sky on the Nintendo Switch, the game is receiving a version update to 4.0. You can modify the difficulty at any time, inventory visuals have been overhauled, there are new missions to repair Drop Pods, and even more content that will entice veterans to come back to the game. One new item that comes with the update is the Horizon Sector NX Starship.

The starship won’t be around forever, and it isn’t easily found within the update content. Its color scheme is similar to the red and blue Joy-Con colors of the Nintendo Switch, something you won’t often find elsewhere. Here’s what you need to do if you want to obtain the Horizon Sector NX Starship.

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How to get the Horizon Sector NX Starship

Getting the Horizon Sector NX Starship means purchasing No Man’s Sky for the Nintendo Switch. The Starship is only available for the Nintendo Switch, and it must be obtained before November 7, 2022. After that date, the Starship will disappear and you will never be able to get it again.

Load up No Man’s Sky on the Switch and connect to the game’s servers. Doing so will allow you to head to the Space Anomaly and pick up two Switch exclusive items. The first is the Horizon Sector NX Starship, while the second is the Infinite Neon Mark XXII Multi-Tool. Both items will be obtained together, and will share the same red and blue color scheme.

If you have No Man’s Sky but you haven’t connected to the game’s servers, you will not be able to obtain either exclusive item. It is important to make sure your game is updated and the servers are accessed before November 7. As long as you take your items from the Space Anomaly before that day, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing out on them.

Having a nice starship to travel to different planets will be a great boon, especially because you don’t have to grind to obtain it. It also gives you a slight leg up, especially if you are choosing to coast through the game on Relaxed Mode or want to challenge yourself on the Normal difficulty.