What is the microwave passcode in Roblox Find the Markers?

The code is different for all players.

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Roblox’s Find the Markers has several creative ways of hiding its collection of markers throughout the map. This includes one that will involve players having to enter a secret code on a microwave in order to reveal a marker’s hiding place. As tricky as the game is, you won’t actually be able to discover the code anywhere on the map. Instead, the code actually lies within Roblox’s main webpage. Here’s where to find the microwave code in Find the Markers and what marker you can get from it.

How to find the microwave passcode in Find the Markers on Roblox

The microwave code will be different for every player in the game. This is because the code is actually your own Roblox User ID number. You can discover your number by first going to Roblox.com on an internet browser and signing in from the front page. From there, click on your avatar’s picture in the top-right corner of the screen and this should bring you to your own profile page. On this page, your user ID can be found in the web browser’s URL and is the 10-digit code that follows after “Roblox.com/users/” in the address bar.

After it is found, head back to the game and go inside of the brown two-story home in the center of the map. You can then find the microwave on the kitchen counter on the home’s second floor. Once your User ID is entered in the microwave, the gray fireplace nearby will open its locked door and reveal the hidden blue and yellow Noob Marker.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Additionally, there are even more markers you can run into in this house. For instance, you can look at the ceiling of its second floor to discover the Hanging Marker. Meanwhile, the Magenta Marker can be picked up simply by opening the brown door that leads to the bathroom. After these are found, you should then look outdoors to spot the Lucky Marker and Chocolate Marker not too far by.