How to get the Lucky Marker in Find the Markers

Getting lost in the Leprechaun’s Labyrinth is anything but lucky.

Finding the Lucky Marker in Find the Markers Roblox

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One of the two Event Markers released on March 5, is the Lucky Marker, a green, coin-covered collectible with rainbows bound to bring you good fortune for your Marker hunting for the rest of the year. This Marker is exclusive to the St. Patty’s Event, which will conclude on March 31. Therefore, be sure you discover this Marker before then; otherwise, you might not get another chance later on. You can find it in the four-leaf clover maze known as the Leprechaun’s Labyrinth.

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Finding the Lucky Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Lucky Marker Maze Entrance in Find the Markers Roblox
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To enter the Leprechaun’s Labyrinth and begin your search for the Lucky Marker, you must know where the maze’s entrance is located in Roblox Find the Markers. From Spawn, face the direction of the Þe Olde Shope in The Mainland and look to the right. In the small alcove, you will encounter the Leprekorn at their Lucky Souvenirs stand, including the bright green doorway to the Lucky Marker’s maze in Roblox. If you speak with the Leprekorn before entering, he will reveal that you can find an equippable cosmetic Fortune Halo in the labyrinth as well. However, its location is separate from the Marker.

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Lucky Marker Maze in Find the Markers Roblox
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While the Lucky Marker’s position in the Leprechaun’s Labyrinth of Roblox Find the Markers is always the same, it is easy to get lost in the four-leaf clover maze. After all, every wall is the same, making it hard to distinguish where you are. To easily find the Event Marker, follow the step-by-step directions we provided below:

  • From the entrance of the labyrinth, go down the first hall and take the second right.
  • When you reach the next corridor, follow the left path.
  • Go all the way to the end of the next hallway, turn left at the corner, and then go right.
  • Turn right at the following intersection and go right again at the back wall.
  • After you have reached another long corridor, take the first right, followed by the second left. 
  • Follow the path to the back wall and wind around the right corner to find the Lucky Marker in Find the Markers in an alcove behind this wall.