Where to find the Chocolate Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

A marker themed after its secret location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Some markers in Roblox’s Find the Markers can seem impossible to find. Thankfully, the game’s Marker menu does provide some clues as to where these are. For the Chocolate Marker, it is hinted the marker is near something else that is chocolate on the map. However, even if you find this other bit of chocolate, you probably still won’t spot it. Here’s where to find this pesky marker and how to get it.

The Chocolate Marker is located in the Candyland section of the game. You can spot this area from anywhere, as its gigantic lollypops tower over the map. Once there, follow the chocolate river until it takes a right turn. The marker is actually hidden on the right side of the water just before this turn. So, you’ll need to jump in from this point to obtain it. To make sure you jump in the exact spot, the camera can also be titled completely upward to show the marker stuck underneath the water.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If done correctly, your avatar will then respawn back at the main hub with a new message revealing that the Chocolate Marker has been added to your collection. Aside from this marker, there is plenty more to discover near the Candyland area. For instance, players can go to the nearby two-story home and use its microwave to find the Noob Marker.