What is the night and how does it work in Minecraft Dungeons

It’s scary.

Minecraft Dungeons Release

Image via Mojang

As you play through Minecraft with other players in your party, you will eventually run into a bit of a problem. When one of your friends is killed, you will be able to revive them, but it won’t always be easy. You will need to kill any mobs around them, then try and revive them before the Night starts.

When your friend dies, a thirty-second timer will begin, and as it counts down, additional mobs will spawn in all around. This makes it even harder to get to your friend and revive them. While you are reviving, you can get hit by enemies, but they cannot interrupt the revive, so if you think you have enough health, you can just try and muscle through it.

That might sound like a bad idea, but after thirty seconds, and ample warning from the game, the night will start to hurt you. This means a horrible bat-like creature will swoop out of the air and start to attack you at regular intervals.

It doesn’t do a huge amount of damage, but you cannot stop it unless you revive your friend. It might be a risk to just run in and go for the revive quickly, but sometimes it is the best thing to do.

If you are playing with a full party, it’s much easier to deal with, as some people can just deal with mobs while another revives the fallen player. It can get very sticky if there are only two of you playing together, however.