What is the PlayStation 5 release date?

When does the next generation arrive?

PlayStation 5

With the new console hardware on the way, gamers are eager to start the next-generation of gaming. This can’t be done until the PlayStation 5 is available in shops, and at the moment, the only date that Sony has made public for any possible release is that they will arrive in the holiday season of 2020.

This isn’t a huge amount of help to hungry consumers, but we will do our best to collect any news about a release date here. A job listing for a full-time employee at Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. caused some excitement but sadly has already been dismissed by Sony.

The job is for a role in the materials department and would involve sourcing materials and hardware for the PlayStation 5. Where it got interesting is that the job listing said that the PS5 is scheduled to be released in October 2020. No exact date is given, but this is a little earlier than a lot of people suspected.

Sony has already cleared up the mistake, stating that the PlayStation 5 will not be arriving in October, and advising people that they should wait for an unofficial announcement of the release date before getting too excited.

We imagine that most people, ourselves included, expect the PS5 to release some time towards the end of November, just in time to catch the holiday season shopping rush.

We will keep this article updated with any other leaks, rumors, or official announcements about the PlayStation 5 release date.