What is the PvP XP Bonus in New World?

Fight against other players for an experience bonus.

Image via New World

While exploring the massive world of New World, completing quests, and leveling up, you have the option to turn on your PvP flag. While turned on, you’ll be able to battle other players who are not on your faction that are also flagged for PvP. It can make completing quests a bit more complicated, especially if you’re battling against enemy NPCs that are also trying to take you down. But you receive an XP Bonus for turning PvP on. What is the PvP XP Bonus in New World, and is it worth it?

There are several mixed reports when it comes to the PvP XP Bonus in New World. While flagged for PvP, you receive a 10% bonus to all experience you earn, and you receive 20% more influence in a territory for your faction. In addition, all players receive 50% less weapon and armor durability loss while marked for PvP, likely because of the increased risk of death and damage to this equipment while in this mode. Although, it might feel like you’re fighting a much larger force and find yourself respawning all the time.

You’ll want to use this bonus carefully. If you’re battling it out against an enemy faction to control territory, this is an excellent time to help out your guilds and faction partners. However, if you’re in enemy territory and just want to do quests, you’re better off turning PvP on and focusing on your level. It can become an extremely frustrating endeavor if enemy players have no difficulty fighting you, forcing you to respawn all the time. You’re better off focusing on casual questing with PvP on in-friendly territory.