What is the release date of 12 Minutes?

You don’t have to go through a time loop to play this game.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

12 Minutes is an exciting upcoming game that will see you take control of a man stuck in a time loop that resets every 12 minutes, as you might guess. The latest Annapurna game has caught the eye of quite a few people since its initial reveal, but the biggest question since that time has been, when can we play it? Here is the expected release date of 12 Minutes.

As of the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase, 12 Minutes is expected to release on August 19, 2021. It will launch on PC and Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play the game for free on day one. The game features voiceover work from both James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley.

We have seen from the little footage of the game that you will be playing as McAvoy’s character as he deals with the events taking place in their small apartment in a short time. It appears you will take a top-down camera approach, but other than that, the gameplay seems quite the mystery.

Ridley’s character has revealed the couple’s pregnancy, only for the events of the night to go drastically off-kilter. We have seen police barge in and arrest McAvoy’s character for the murder of his father years ago, and we hear what appears to be an argument between the two main characters.