What is the release date of Evil West?

Flying Wild Hog’s newest game looks wild.

Evil West

Image via Focus Entertainment

Evil West is the next game from Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog, and it seems intent to take players on a horror-action trip across a dark Weird West setting populated by undead monsters and demons. First announced at the 2020 Game Awards, Evil West just got its first reveal trailer at this year’s edition of the awards show.

Evil West is a third-person action game, and as you can see in the trailer below, it doesn’t hold back on the action part, with wild over-the-top combat involving firearms and supernatural abilities. More importantly, a short scene at the end of the trailer gives us a glimpse of the co-op aspect of the game. This confirms that players can brave the monster-filled world of Evil West solo or with a friend.

The release date for Evil West is yet to be revealed, but we did get a confirmation that the game is set to release in 2022. We will update this article with the actual release date as soon as it is made public. Evil West will be published by Focus Entertainment and will be available on PC and on previous and current-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles. There’s no word yet on whether crossplay will be supported.