What is the release date of Solar Ash?

It’s finally coming.

Image via Annapurna Interactive

Solar Ash is the follow-up game for developers Heart Machine who made waves in 2016 with the stunning Hyper Light Drifter. While Solar Ash deviates from the gameplay and graphics that made Hyper Light Drifter an indie cult classic, people are still hankering for the game.

The game, which was due to release on October 26 on PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store, have now been pushed to December 2. Develop Heart Machine issues a statement on Twitter explaining that the extra time was needed to make Solar Ash the best possible experience on launch.

In Solar Ash, players will take on the role of Rei, and will need to grappling, surf, and grind their way through the world at high speeds in pursuit of enormous creatures.

The developers have said that the core concepts of the game are movement and flow, with the smooth interplay between the various ways of traversing the game’s environment and combat being central to the experience.

Heart Machine has also shown an amazing ability to reveal a game’s narrative through non-traditional means. In Hyper Light Drifter the tale was told through music, and visuals, without any dialogue. Despite this, it manages to tell a deep, rich story that was emotionally affecting for the audience.

This, more than anything is what is so exciting about Solar Ash, and is why so many people are looking forward to diving into the next of Heart Machine’s worlds.