When will the Erangel 2.0 map release in PUBG Mobile?

The wait for Erangel 2.0 is finally nearly over.

Image via Tencent

PUBG Mobile has announced the release date of the 1.0 New Era update that will add the much-awaited Erangel 2.0 map. The map is currently in beta testing, and the players who want to play it before it released globally can download the 1.0 beta update of the game by following these steps.

The Erangel 2.0 map will release on September 8, 2020, along with huge improvements in graphics, building structures, and the addition of new elements like trenches and wooden barricades. The Erangel 2.0 map might be introduced as the mysterious surprise that PUBG Mobile announced in the New Era announcement video.

Other than this, the update will have a smaller installation pack size, higher FPS (up to 30%), and reduced lag (up to 76%). “Whilst this is the 1.0 launch, this is by no means the end of development,” a spokesperson for The PUBG Company said. “The new era of PUBG MOBILE is a new beginning, and we have so many more exciting updates for fans, which we will share soon.”